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Acceptance Statement:

The Pasco County Library System considers use of any of the materials owned by the Library to constitute acceptance of the Circulation Policy.


The Pasco County Library System provides service to all without discrimination, regardless of age, sex, race, philosophy, lifestyle or human condition. The library seeks to have as few restrictions on the flow of materials and information as possible while protecting the library resources. All materials are available for use by everyone. Parents who want their child’s access to materials limited must monitor their child’s use of the Library themselves.

The library circulates materials in many formats, but some materials are limited to in-library use only and do not circulate.

The objective of the Circulation Policy is to balance the Library’s purpose of supplying information with the need to monitor and retrieve library materials so they are available for others.

Loan Periods and Limits:

A patron whose residency has been verified and who is in good standing may have as many as thirty-five (35) items checked out at one time. Most items circulate for twenty-one (21) days, including equipment. Exceptions are videos, which are limited to ten (10) items per check out and can be borrowed for seven (7) days; best sellers/new books and magazines, which can be borrowed for fourteen (14) days; and games, which are limited to two (2) items per check out and can be borrowed for seven (7) days.


Most items are automatically renewed. Five renewals are permitted for a period equal to the item’s standard loan period. Reminders of items coming due can be emailed to patrons, based upon account settings. Exceptions are media box games/DVDs, museum passes, Hotspots, and items with outstanding holds.

Return of Items:

All items must be returned by the end of the circulation period. They may be returned to any Pasco County Library Cooperative location, either inside the building or in the book drop.


In cases where materials are returned with damage or with missing parts that make the material unusable, the actual replacement cost for the damaged item will be assessed to the patron's record.

In cases where materials are returned that show evidence of roaches, bed bugs, or other insects will result in the patron's borrowing privileges temporarily suspended. This suspension will be lifted when proof is presented that the borrower's residence in question has been treated by a licensed pest control company, or has been inspected and clear.

Patrons who repeatedly return materials with damage, with missing parts or bugs may have further service denied. Patrons who deliberately mutilate library material or who steal parts of library material may have further service denied and may also be subject to legal prosecution.


A request (or hold) may be placed on any circulating item. Requests are filled on a first-in-first-out basis as entered into the computer system. A patron may have up to fifteen (15) requests in the system at one time.

Requests are kept on the shelf for pickup for eight (8) days. Materials will not be held beyond the original pickup date.

If several items become available for pickup for a patron at the same time, all items must be picked up in the same visit. Available materials not picked up during a visit will be removed from the patron record.

Overdue Notices:

Overdue notices are a courtesy of the Library System and are sent at the Library’s option. Failure to receive an overdue notice does not relieve the patron of the responsibility of returning materials on time. Failure to receive a notice will not be considered grounds for waiving a fine, as library users are responsible for keeping track of the due date of their library material. No overdue notices are sent by U.S. Mail.

Lost Cards:

Patrons who have reported a lost patron card will have their card made inactive until such time as they can come to the library to secure a new patron card. This is done to protect the patron from other’s unscrupulous use of the lost card.

Violation of Policy:

Borrowing privileges may be denied to:

  • Patrons who accrue fines above the library set limit or who have been referred to the collection agency

  • Patrons who have reported an excess of claims returned materials or lost materials

  • Patrons who have applied for multiple borrower cards under different names and addresses 

  • Patrons who have applied for borrower cards with false addresses