JANUARY 2010



The Pasco County Library System welcomes gifts of library materials, money or tangible property which furthers its mission. All gifts become the sole property of the library. All gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Gifts may be administered by the Friends of the Pasco County Library System, Inc. Donations that have “strings” attached are not accepted. No person will receive special treatment or privilege in regard to any library service or activity as a result of a donation.

Monetary Donations:

Monetary donations will be administered by the Friends of the Library. Such donations may be directed for a specific purpose as desired by the donor, or if unspecified, will be utilized for the benefit of the library. Monetary gifts will be acknowledged for tax purposes if requested.

Library materials may be added to the collection in memory or in honor of a specified individual or group by making a monetary donation to the Friends. A special bookplate will be attached to the item if desired by the donor.

Book Donations:

Book donations are accepted with the understanding that the library may make whatever use of the material it feels appropriate. Items are evaluated on the same basis as purchased materials and may be added to the library’s collection, donated to the Friends book sale to benefit the library, or disposed of at the discretion of the library. Book donations will be acknowledged with a standardized form for tax purposes if requested.

The library reserves the right to refuse donated items due to space limitations and/or condition of the materials and/or request for special treatment or tracking of donations. Books which are damaged, mildewed, bug infested or contain outdated information, such as old medical or law books, are not accepted. Textbooks are not accepted.

Tangible Property Donations: 

The library can only accept tangible property in selected circumstances as approved by Library Administration or their designee. The library cannot accept donations of used computer or electronic equipment. Donations of tangible property will be acknowledged for tax purposes if requested.