Acceptance Statement:

The Pasco County Library System considers use of its E-Government Service Assistance Program to constitute an acceptance of the E-Government Service Assistance Policy.

Definition and Scope of Services:

E-Government represents the delivery of services traditionally provided by the Federal Government, the State of Florida and local government via electronic means.

We can help you with your E-Government needs in many ways:

  • Using library computers;

  • Finding information about government programs and services, jobs, education, and other government transactions;

  • Locating websites with applications and forms;

  • Providing limited assistance in completing applications and forms;

  • Obtaining free email accounts; and

  • Printing copies of transactions.


Pasco County Library System computers used to obtain E-Government services will not retain records of any personal information, no “cookies” are kept, temporary and Internet files are removed, and the Internet cache is cleared at the end of each user’s session. The Pasco County Library System and the library staff will not collect any personal information.

Patrons are advised to keep documents containing personal information secure and private. Patrons should be aware and careful when providing personal information using library computers, completely exiting websites and closing the web browser when finished. Patrons are urged to collect all of their documents from around the computer and printer.

Limits and Disclaimer:

Pasco County Library System staff members are not permitted to give legal, financial, or medical advice and are not case workers. Library staff cannot advise patrons as to the identification of forms or actions needed to obtain government services. Pasco County Library System staff members can assist patrons in finding E-Government materials that pertain to a specific subject in order to enable patrons to make informed decisions. Library staff cannot submit forms for patrons.

The Pasco County Library System is not responsible for the content found on other government agencies’ websites, for any failure in transmission of online applications or forms to other government agencies, or for accurate submission of forms or information. The Pasco County Library System takes measures to secure our network, but cannot guarantee against all security intrusions. The Pasco County Library System cannot guarantee that other government agencies receive forms or information submitted from library computers or act on them appropriately. No agreement or contract is created between the patron and the library staff or the library system