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Acceptance Statement:

The Pasco County Library Cooperative (PCLC) considers use of any of the meeting rooms in the facilities to constitute acceptance of the Meeting Room Policy.


PCLC is an information center for the community. PCLC provides educational, informational, civic, and cultural programs for the enjoyment of the community. The PCLC meeting rooms are primarily to be used for PCLC programs or PCLC sponsored programs, such as those of the Friends of the Library or other community partners, or for Pasco County Government programs.

When there are no scheduled library or County Government programs, the PCLC meeting rooms may be available to non-profit community groups at no cost.

All such meetings and programs must be free and open to any member of the public. No person’s right to attend a meeting or program will be denied or abridged because of origin, age, race, sex, background, views, religion, sexual orientation, disability, membership or lack of membership in an organization or group, or for any other reason. PCLC staff may attend or observe any meeting or any program at any time.

All meetings must be of an educational, informational, civic, and/or cultural nature.

The meeting rooms are designed for the use of groups. Individuals may wish to inquire regarding the availability of study rooms. Study rooms are not available in all locations. 

The Pasco County Library Cooperative, Pasco County Board of County Commissioners, Pasco County Library System Advisory Board, and the Pasco County Friends of the Library neither endorse nor approve nor disapprove the aims, policies, viewpoints, or activities of groups holding meetings in the meeting rooms 

Guidelines & Regulations:

  • PCLC programs or PCLC sponsored programs such as those of the Friends of the Library or other community partners will have first priority to use the meeting rooms. Pasco County Government programs shall have second priority to use the meeting rooms.

  • Non-profit community groups may reserve the meeting rooms. However, events of a strictly social nature such as parties, weddings, bridal or baby showers, etc. are not permitted.

  • Meetings rooms are not available for personal entertainment or recreational use by individuals.

  • No group may reserve the meeting room more than 60 days in advance, or more than once per week. In some circumstances, the Branch Manager may grant an exception.

  • PCLC reserves the right to limit the number of reservations by any organization so that all groups may have a fair opportunity to use the room

  • All groups must observe the meeting capacity for the room.

  • The name, address, or telephone number of any PCLC library may not be used as the address or headquarters of any group or in any way that might imply PCLC sponsorship of the group.

  • Publicity for the meeting is the responsibility of the group sponsoring the meeting. Publicity may not indicate or imply PCLC sponsorship of the program. Any and all publicity materials must be submitted to the Branch Manager prior to release to the public. Failure to do so may result in the meeting room reservation being cancelled.

  • PCLC retains the right to cancel reservations for a meeting room. If possible, at least 24 hours notice will be given. This will normally happen only in the case of emergencies such as power failure or lack of water for restrooms, but in unusual cases reservation may be cancelled at the discretion of the Branch Manager or a member of Library Administration in order that the room can be used for PCLC or Pasco County Government meetings.

  • Groups holding reservations are requested to notify the library of any cancellation at the earliest possible date in order to free the meeting room for other groups. Repeated failure to do so may result in the loss of reservation privileges. 

  • Programs will be scheduled only during normal hours of operation for the library where the meeting room is located.

  • Groups must request the number of tables and chairs they will need for their program at the time the Meeting Room Use Application is submitted. PCLC staff will setup and take down tables and chairs. Tables and chairs may be re-arranged as needed for the purpose of the program.

  • PCLC personnel will not assist in the handling of displays, equipment and/or materials used in the meeting rooms by a group other than PCLC owned equipment.

  • PCLC is not responsible for materials or equipment left in the building by users. Equipment or other supplies may not be stored in the library. Any items left will be considered abandoned and may be discarded.

  • All groups using the meeting room are responsible for leaving it in good order. Meeting room privileges will be cancelled for any group or organization leaving a meeting room in disorder.

  • Groups holding meetings assume financial responsibility for any damage to the room, furniture, or equipment.

  • Programs may not disrupt normal library operations, nor may they interfere with the use and enjoyment of the library by others. 

  • Persons attending the meeting are expected to conform to the Patron Conduct Policy, which is available on the library’s webpage and is posted in the library. Persons not conforming to this policy may be asked to leave the building.

  • Accidents must be reported to a member of the PCLC staff immediately. PCLC is not responsible for any injury that may be sustained by persons attending the meeting as a result of meeting activities.

  • Programs must adjourn at least 15 minutes prior to closing time.

  • All group members must vacate the meeting room promptly at the end of their reserved time.

  • PCLC staff must be notified at the completion of the meeting so that they may inspect and lock up the room.

  • Non-PCLC sponsored groups using the meeting rooms may not charge collect admission or registration fees nor exchange any funds on the premises. No contracts for goods or services may be signed in the meeting room. 

  • No meeting may promote illegal activity.

  • Groups must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and are responsible for providing qualified interpreters or auxiliary aids to meeting attendees upon request. PCLC is not responsible for a group’s failure to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • Groups using video, music, or other media must comply with copyright restrictions and use only video, music, or media intended for public performance. PCLC is not responsible for a group’s failure to comply with copyright restrictions.

  • Groups composed of members under age 18 must have at least one adult supervisor over the age of 18 for each 20 persons in attendance. 

  • Minor children of program attendees may not be left unattended in the library. See the PCLC Unattended Child Policy for more information.

  • Light refreshments may be served if approved by the Branch Manager in advance. The group must bring all supplies and equipment necessary for serving refreshments. No non-PCLC sponsored group may cook or prepare food on library premises. All food, paper, and other waste must be placed in proper receptacles. The group must inform PCLC staff of any spills or food damage so as to ensure proper and through clean-up.

  • Alcohol may not be served or consumed on County property. There is no smoking inside, or within 50 feet of the entrance to, any County building. 

Violation of policy:

Failure to follow the guidelines and regulations set forth in this policy may result in denial of future use of the meeting room by the sponsoring group, the presenter, and/or the person in charge of the group. All attendees and participants must agree to and abide by the PCLC Patron Conduct Policy.