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Acceptance Statement:

The Pasco County Library System considers those present on library property to be patrons subject to the Patron Conduct Policy.


The Pasco County Library System values its responsibility to enhance the general welfare and quality of life in the community and county it serves. Just as the library has a responsibility to its patrons, the patrons have a responsibility to the library.

Patrons are expected to conform to established standards of conduct and to refrain from prohibited activities. Members of the library staff have been entrusted to courteously but firmly enforce the Patron Conduct Policy set forth herein. Other policies of the Pasco County Library System, including but not limited to, Solicitation Policy, Internet and PC Use Policy, Unattended Child Policy, also apply to the actions of library patrons.

Statement of Policy:

Patrons are expected to engage in activities normally associated with the use of the public library while in the building such as reading, studying, using library materials or services, attending programs. Parents are responsible for their children’s conduct.

Conduct prohibited in the library includes, but is not limited to:

  • Not wearing shirts or shoes.
  • The use of all tobacco products, illegal drugs and other prohibited substances anywhere on library property, except that tobacco may be used outside of library buildings. No smoking is allowed within fifty (50) feet of the doorways.
  • Use of bicycles, skateboards, skates, or scooters inside library buildings. Skateboards and skates may be carried into the library but may not be used inside the library.
  • Sleeping, loitering, or gambling on library property.
  • Annoying, intimidating, abusive, bullying, or offensive language, behavior, gestures or actions toward other patrons or members of the staff.
  • Bodily hygiene that constitutes a nuisance to another person. Nuisance shall also include threats to public health or safety, including but not limited to carrying bed bugs, lice etc.
  • Interfering with staff’s ability to perform their work.
  • Use of the restrooms for anything other than their intended purposes, including bathing, shaving, washing clothes, or other inappropriate uses.
  • Creating a disturbance by loud talking, laughing, singing, or playing of audio equipment.
  • Boisterous behavior, running, jumping, fighting, or roughhousing.
  • Blocking or interfering with the free movement of others, monopolizing library space, seating, tables or equipment to the exclusion of others.
  • Overt sexual behavior or activity.
  • Misuse or inappropriate use of any display or work surfaces, such as tables, counters, desks, shelving.
  • Theft, mutilation, or defacement of materials, items or property owned by the library.
  • Any act that is subject to prosecution under criminal or civil codes of law and/or in violation of Pasco County ordinances.
  • Consuming food or beverages of any type in the makerspaces or near Library- owned computers and equipment.
  • Bringing animals, other than service animals, into the library. Branch Managers or their designees may authorize animals to be brought into the library only for the purpose of a program sponsored by the library. Animals, including service animals, must be attended at all times. (See also Animals in the Library Policy) 
  • Weapons of any kind except where the patron has a valid concealed weapons permit or is otherwise authorized to carry a concealed weapon under Florida Statutes. Branch managers or their designees may authorize a weapons display only for the purpose of a program sponsored by the library.
  • Removal of library materials or equipment except through normal library lending procedures or with approval of the Branch Manager or their designee.
  • Use of unauthorized building entrances and exits, including entrances to staff work areas.
  • Using the library telephone without the permission of library personnel or for extended conversations, or for making long-distance phone calls.
  • Loitering near or blocking of entrances or exits.
  • Loitering on library campuses outside of posted campus hours.
  • Use of motorized flying objects on Library property without prior permission from Library personnel.
  • Any other actions or behaviors deemed inappropriate by Library personnel.

Violations of Policy:

Patrons who violate the library’s Patron Conduct Policy will be made aware of the violation. Patrons who do not correct the behavior, or that of their children, immediately will be asked to leave the building and prohibited from returning for a specific amount of time as determined by the Branch Manager or their designee. Failure to leave the building when asked to do so will be considered trespassing and may result in local law enforcement being contacted.

Repeated violations of, or a single egregious violation of, the Patron Conduct Policy could result in suspension of library privileges and/or being permanently barred from all County Libraries. Patrons who engage in illegal behavior will be reported to the appropriate legal authority.