What is Automatic Renewal?

  • Most items checked out from Pasco County Library Cooperative will automatically renew with no action required by the patron.

Which items automatically renew?

  • Most items eligible for checkout may be renewed if they have no outstanding holds by other patrons.

Which items do not automatically renew?

  • The following items are not eligible for auto-renewal:
    • Museum Passes
    • Items with a reservation (hold) by another patron
    • Items that has reached the maximum number of (5) renewals
    • Items loaned to our patrons from another library in Florida, a/k/a InterLibrary Loans (ILLs)

Does an Automatic Renewal give me less time to borrow an item?

  • Loan periods are one day shorter then the actual loan period, because items  renew one day prior to their due date.

How am I notified when an item Auto-Renews?

  • Auto-Renewal notices are sent via email on the day that the item is renewed. It will include the new due date and may indicate if an outstanding hold exists..
  • Patrons are always encouraged to visit their account online to check the status of all their material, including due dates, holds, etc. Patrons are always welcome to call/visit any branch too; staff are happy to help over the phone and in person.