Art Gallery Exhibit Application - Part 1

Upon submission, please follow Part 2 at the end of the form to submit additional information.
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Hudson Regional Library in Hudson
  • One wall, two sections 7'W x 8'H
  • Three pedestals 42"H and one pedestal 20"H
New River Library in Wesley Chapel
  • Two walls 5’W x by 7’H, one wall 6’W x 7’H
  • Two pedestals 42”H
South Holiday Library in South Holiday
  • One wall 7'W x 8'H
Starkey Ranch Theatre Library Cultural Center in Odessa
  • Two walls 6’W x 8’H

Artist Details

As part of the Pasco Libraries art gallery initiative, each artist will be featured on with information including gallery details, artist bio, an example of their work, and other information gathered in this form. Due to webpage space, each answer should be brief. If answers are beyond the limit or require edits for spelling errors or content, Pasco Libraries will make adjustments.

The Library Art Gallery Committee will ultimately approve or decline the application and determine the exhibit location. Exhibit spaces, fixtures, and sizes vary by library branch. All exhibits will be confined to the designated space and must not exceed the area’s capacity. Wall hangings may be approved only at locations with equipment designed for this purpose. Freestanding sculptural pieces may be approved at locations with equipment designed for this purpose.

After completing Part 1 of the application please proceed to details found in Part 2 below.

Art Gallery Exhibit Application - Part 2

After completing Part 1 of your application, please see additional directions outlined below.

Please provide the following for each artwork in your email to

  1. Named attachment of clear, browser-ready photo of artwork
  2. Title:
  3. Name of artist:
  4. Date created:
  5. Medium:
  6. Dimensions:
  7. Sale price if any:

You may also choose to download and complete the Art Gallery Exhibit Application Form. 

Art Gallery Exhibit Application: Procedure

The Library Gallery Committee will review and either approve or deny this application. If approved:

  1. Exhibit dates, including setup and takedown dates, will be determined by PCLS in consultation with the artist. Exhibits may be scheduled up to six months ahead of the exhibition date. Exhibits will be scheduled for two months at a time.
  2. The exhibitor is responsible for the installation and dismantling of the exhibit. PCLS staff will not assist in handling artwork or other exhibit materials other than equipment or supplies owned by PCLS. All wall-hanging artwork must be wired and ready at time of installation.
  3. The exhibitor will provide the following information for each piece of artwork: title, artist name, date created, medium, dimensions, and price if applicable. PCLS staff may assist with labeling to ensure consistency in Library Galleries.
  4. The exhibitor will provide an inventory list of titles and prices if applicable.
  5. The exhibitor will provide an artist’s statement of approximately 150 words if applicable, and additional information if requested, to be used for promoting the exhibit.
  6. The exhibitor may sell the exhibited artwork, in compliance with the Exhibit Area Policy, but all artwork will remain on display for the duration of the exhibit. PCLS will not be involved in any manner with said transactions. Funds may not be exchanged on library property.
  7. On the last day of the exhibit, the exhibitor is responsible for removing all art from the library before closing.