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FEBRUARY 2009    
APRIL 2023             


Acceptance Statement:

The Pasco County Library System (PCLS) considers use of any of the exhibit areas in its facilities to constitute acceptance of the Exhibit Area Policy.


PCLS is an information center for the community. Although not required to do so, PCLS provides educational, informational, civic, and cultural exhibits for the enjoyment of the community. PCLS exhibit spaces are primarily to be used for PCLS sponsored exhibits, such as those of the Friends of the Library or other community partners, or for Pasco County Government exhibits. For exhibits or displays related to a holiday see the Holiday Display Policy.

When there are no scheduled PCLS or County Government exhibits, the library exhibit areas may be available free of charge, for lawful use by non-profit educational, cultural, civic, charitable, political, religious, or professional organizations or individuals. Acceptance of an exhibit does not constitute endorsement of the organization or individual, the subject matter of the exhibit, or endorsement by the PCLS, the Pasco County Library Cooperative, the Friends of the Library, or Pasco County of viewpoints expressed by the organization or individual. Advertisement or announcement implying such endorsement is not permitted.

General Guidelines:

  • PCLS does not provide any special security in its exhibit areas. Exhibits should not contain material of high value or unique or rare materials. Digital surrogates should be exhibited when at all possible. PCLS does not provide any insurance for materials on display or assume any responsibility for the loss, theft of, or damage to any materials on exhibit. Artists who request to exhibit their works in the library agree and understand that the PCLS and the County shall not be responsible for the works.
  • PCLS or PCLS sponsored groups shall have first priority use of the exhibit area. Pasco County Government shall have second priority use of the exhibit area.
  • PCLS will determine where exhibits are to be located.
  • Exhibit locations, fixtures, and sizes vary by library branch. All exhibits will be confined to the designated space and must not exceed the area’s capacity. Wall hangings may be approved only at locations with equipment designed for this purpose.
  • Exhibits may not present a health or safety issue. They may not block access to any area of the library. ADA guidelines will be considered by the Library Manager when placing a display.
  • Exhibits may be scheduled up to six months ahead of the exhibition date. Exhibits will be scheduled for a maximum of four consecutive weeks. Users wishing to wall-mount an exhibit should consider this when proposing their exhibit.
  • The name and contact information of the sponsoring person or organization must be visible in the exhibit space. The name, address, or telephone number of any PCLS library may not be used in any way that might imply PCLS sponsorship of the exhibit. Exhibits may include materials for sale, such as artwork, however, the PCLS will not be involved in any manner with said transactions. Funds may not be exchanged on library property.
  • Exhibit signage, posters, and other such items shall be presented in a professional manner, using appropriate sign holders. No signs or identification labels may be affixed to walls, windows, or furniture without the Branch Manager’s authorization.
  • PCLS reserves the right to limit the number of times the exhibit areas may be used by any person or organization to no more than twice a year.                                                                                   
  • The exhibitor is responsible for the installation and dismantling of the exhibit. PCLS staff will not assist in handling artwork or other exhibit materials, other than equipment or supplies owned by PCLS.
  • Any damage occurring to PCLS property as a result of the exhibit will be repaired at the expense of the person or organization responsible for the exhibit.
  • Due to the quiet nature of libraries, sound amplifiers may not be used as part of any exhibit unless approved by the Branch Manager as being appropriate for use in the library. Exhibits requiring electrical power or batteries must be approved by the Branch Manager.
  • Access to the exhibit will be during the library’s normal hours of operation.
  • Exhibits may not disrupt normal library operations, nor may they interfere with the use and enjoyment of the library by others.
  • Exhibit items left at any library and not reclaimed on or before the agreed-upon removal date will be considered abandoned and may be discarded.
  • PCLS retains the right to cancel exhibits due to unforeseen circumstances or violation of this Policy.

Criteria for Selection:

PCLS will strive to include a wide spectrum of opinions and viewpoints in exhibits, and to offer exhibits that appeal to a range of ages, interests, and information needs. PCLS uses the following criteria in making decisions about exhibit topics, materials, and accompanying resources:

  • Educational, informational, civic or cultural topics.
  • Relation to library collections, resources, programs, and initiatives.
  • Community needs and interests.
  • Connection to community or national programs or events.
  • Historical or educational significance.
  • Availability of exhibit space.
  • Items to be exhibited must be appropriate for all audiences. Displays may not be illegal, defamatory, or obscene.  Determination of this status will be based upon appropriate legal authorities. Exhibits that are in violation of any laws, or that are obscene or defamatory will not be accepted for display. 
  • Appropriate displays are accepted regardless of the origin, age, race, background, views, religion, sexual orientation, disability, membership in organization or group, or for any other reason and will be selected on an equal basis regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting to exhibit.

Reconsideration of Exhibits

Patrons are encouraged to speak with the Branch Manager or supervisor in charge if they have questions or concerns about an exhibit or portions of an exhibit. Persons who wish to formally request the reconsideration of the decision to accept an exhibit for display must complete a Request for Review of Exhibits form. This form is available from library staff.  The Reconsideration of the Exhibit shall follow the procedures of the PCLS’s Reconsideration of Library Materials Policy.

Violation of Policy: 

Failure to conform to this Policy shall result in withdrawal of permission to exhibit, and/or denial of future permission to exhibit.