Hudson Regional Branch Library

Artist: West Pasco Art Guild, Various Artists

On display at the Hudson Library • June 8 - July 31

A non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to promoting participation and involvement in the arts. The West Pasco Art Guild held its first meeting in 1963 and was officially chartered and incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1965 for the purpose of promoting the fine arts. Membership in the guild offers members a variety of ways to learn and grow in their artistic endeavors. WPAG is an all-volunteer organization and relies on members to take on roles that support the leadership and management in its processes for engaging the community in the arts.

New River Branch Library

Artist Name: Daniela Upegui

On display at the New River Library • June 11 – July 30

I am an artist of Colombian origin who has been based in the United States for more than twenty years. In my youth, I had an academic background in art in Colombia. From that moment, I was drawn to color and light in my pictorial work, which led me to explore Impressionism and some Baroque painters. Since 2021, I have dedicated my studies and pictorial work to the manipulation of textures, light, and color, based on the guidelines provided by Impressionism for the management of IMPASTO. In my work, I always seek to pay homage to the everyday, move further and further away from detail, and communicate natural settings and everyday scenes of the place I inhabit through color and light.

  • What is your favorite piece in the show and why?
    • My preferred artwork is the Tampa Sunset No.1. I am particularly drawn to the way the colors coalesce in the sky, creating an enchanting and awe-inspiring atmosphere. It brings me sense of tranquility and it grounds me in the present moment.

South Holiday Branch Library

Artist Name: Halldor K. Sigurdsson

On display at the South Holiday Library

Halldor is a high-end digital imaging artist and award-winning photographer who has worked on thousands of images for major publications such as Travel & Leisure, Food & Wine, and Brides throughout his career. A printer by vocation, he has a NY School of Printing diploma in Journalism and an Associate of Applied Science degree from NYC Technical College in Lithography. Halldor began his photographic journey in 1960s as a photographer and editor for his High School newspaper, magazine, and yearbook. During his time, he had the opportunity to photograph Marlo Thomas, Dr. Salk, Geraldo Rivera, and other celebrities. Halldor has spent a year in Thailand, two years in Iceland, and many years exploring the US taking thousands of photographs during his journeys. Until recently, Halldor volunteered at Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site as a contributing event and project photographer. He resides in Holiday, Florida with his wife, Frances.

  • What is your favorite piece in the show and why?
    • Initially, "Nymph" started out as Aztec Indian dancers performing their ritual offerings to the gods. Then I photographed my niece one day as she was walking to the water and thought this a better fit. I was then able to add wings and make her transparent to represent an entity in harmony with the forces of nature. This would be my favorite piece in the show.

Starkey Ranch Theatre Library Cultural Center

Artist Name: Deborah Twentymon

On display at the Starkey Ranch TLC • May 25th – July 6th

Originally, I am from Upstate New York. I earned a bachelor’s degree in applied arts and sciences from Rochester Institute of Technology.  We moved to Florida in 2007 where I currently work full time for a Global Manufacturer as part of the Product Management team. In the evenings, I work out of my home studio in Trinity Florida creating acrylic pour paintings. I’ve always dabbled in the arts, however, never really focused on a particular medium until a few years ago after taking a painting class and watching several acrylic pour painting videos. I began to explore a variety of pour techniques; the dirty pour, dutch pour, puddle pour, and the flip cup pour coupled with composition considerations, mixing paints, and colors. This process is both challenging and rewarding resulting in amazing creations. Pour painting is a great way to express my thoughts and feelings on canvas, and to share my paintings with others. I hope to inspire future artists and collaborate with other artists going forward.

  • What is your favorite piece in the show and why?
    • My favorite piece in the show is the Whimsical Garden piece, I felt I was there in the moment. The Whimsical Garden is a Dutch Pour, using the swipe, air and balloon technique.