Please read through the Study Room Policy. Click at the end of the policy to reserve a study room.

Acceptance Statement:

The Pasco County Library Cooperative (PCLC) considers use of any of the study rooms in the facilities to constitute acceptance of the Study Room Policy.


PCLC is an information center for the community. PCLC provides educational, informational, civic, and cultural programs for the enjoyment of the community. No person’s right to attend a meeting or program will be denied or abridged because of origin, age, race, sex, background, views, religion, sexual orientation, disability, membership or lack of membership in an organization or group, or for any other reason. PCLC staff may attend or observe any meeting or any program at any time.

All booking must be an educational, informational, civic, and/or cultural nature.

The study rooms are designed for the use of groups and individuals. The Study rooms are not available in all locations. The Pasco County Library Cooperative, Pasco County Board of County Commissioners, Pasco County Library System Advisory Board, and the Pasco County Friends of the Library neither endorse nor approve nor disapprove the aims, policies, viewpoints, or activities of groups or individuals holding meetings in the study rooms.

Guidelines & Regulations: 

  • Any Group or individual may reserve a study room up to 6 days in advance.
  • Reservations may be done online or in person.
  • The name, address, or telephone number of any PCLC library may not be used as the address or headquarters of any group or in any way that might imply PCLC sponsorship of the group.

  • Groups or individuals may book one room at a time.
    • If a room is not being used after the reservation time ends, another reservation can be made.
  • When you arrive for your reservation, please check in at the service desk.

  • All groups and individual must observe the study room capacity.
  • Groups holding reservations are requested to notify the library of any cancellation at the earliest possible date in order to free the study room for other groups or individuals.
  • Publicity for the meeting is the responsibility of the group sponsoring the meeting. Publicity may not indicate or imply PCLC sponsorship of the program. Any and all publicity materials must be submitted to the Branch Manager prior to release to the public. Failure to do so may result in the study room reservation being cancelled.
  • PCLC personnel will not assist in the handling of displays, equipment and/or materials used in the study rooms by a group other than PCLC owned equipment.
  • PCLC is not responsible for materials or equipment left in the building by users. Equipment or other supplies may not be stored in the library. Any items left will be considered abandoned and may be discarded.
  • Anyone using the study room is responsible for leaving it in good order. Study room privileges will be cancelled for any group or organization leaving study room in disorder.
  • Groups or individual holding meetings assume financial responsibility for any damage to the room, furniture, or equipment.
  • Programs may not disrupt normal library operations, nor may they interfere with the use and enjoyment of the library by others.
  • Persons attending the meeting are expected to conform to the Patron Conduct Policy. Persons not conforming to this policy may be asked to leave the building.
  • Accidents must be reported to a member of the PCLC staff immediately. PCLC is not responsible for any injury that may be sustained by persons attending the meeting as a result of meeting activities.
  • All group members or individuals forfeit their study room reservation if they didn't show up after 15 minutes.
  • All group members or individuals must vacate the study room promptly at the end of their reserved time.

Violation of policy:

Failure to follow the guidelines and regulations set forth in this policy may result in denial of future use of the study room by the individual, the sponsoring group, the presenter, and/or the person in charge of the group. All attendees and participants must agree to and abide by the PCLC Patron Conduct Policy.