Just like a traditional library, a seed library shares the seeds from its collection with the community. Our generous donors have supplied us with various types of seeds, including vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. These seeds are repackaged and placed in smaller bundles for you to check out. Simple growing instructions are placed on the outside of the packages for the growers’ convenience.

More detailed information can be found online at the UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences site. The seeds provided by the Library allow you to grow the freshest and healthiest food possible. Please take only what you need—we want to make sure there is plenty to go around for everyone to enjoy their own homegrown food! Happy Growing!


Is there a cost associated with checking out seeds?
No, the seeds are all donated by several companies for us to distribute free of charge.

How many seeds are in a package?
For larger seeds, there will be 4-6 seeds per package and for smaller seeds about a pinch.

How many seeds can I check out at a time?
With a library card, you can checkout 5 free seed packets every month for your household. Repeat or duplicate orders during the same calendar month will not be fulfilled. Patrons can choose from a wide variety of seeds for edible plants and herbs. Bring your seeds home to grow. If you do not have a library card, self-register for a Virtual Card online or learn more about our Patron Registration or Reciprocal Borrower Policy.

Are the seeds from reputable companies?
Yes, all the seeds have come in sealed packages from reputable companies. The only time the seeds have been opened was to transfer them into smaller packages. The seed company that made the donation is on the package.

I’m not at the New River Library; can I still check out seeds?
Yes, a list of currently-available seeds will be on the library website. Otherwise, proceed to the reference desk at your local Pasco Library branch and let a staff member know that you would like to request seeds. Staff will show you to the library kiosk where you can place your order and have the seeds shipped to your Pasco Library branch for pickup within a couple days. Then you are all set to grow! You can browse the seed library cabinet at the New River Library during open hours.

How do I know what seeds are currently available?
Current seeds are available in the Seed Request Form below the Seed Library Webpage. Seeds in the request form will be updated regularly with the current seed inventory. Click here to view a list of currently available seeds.

Will the Library accept donations of seeds?
Yes, as long as the seeds are in the pre-sealed manufacturer package.

I am new to gardening; will material be available to help me succeed?
Yes, please see a staff member at New River Library or your local branch for assistance. Material is also available online. We also have plenty of gardening books!

Seed Request Form

Name, Email, Library Card, Seed Selection, and Branch are required.