Website Printing Portal

Cost Per Sheet:
Black and White $0.10
Color $0.25

Printing Options

  • Website - Upload your print job from any device with an Internet browser
  • Email - Attach your print job and send an email
  • Mobile App - Send print job through a mobile app
    Instructions for each option are outlined below.


Payment Information

Cost Per Sheet: $0.10 for black and white and $0.25 for color prints.

Payment is accepted at the Self-Service Print Kiosk and can be paid with:

  • Coins, $1 bills, and $5 bills
  • Credit or debit cards. A temporary $1 hold is placed on the card until the transaction is complete.


How To Retrieve Your Print Job

  1. Submit your print job using the options above. Jobs are only accessible on the same day of submission.
  2. Go to the Self-Service Print Kiosk at any PCLS library and enter your Library Card or Guest Name.
  3. Render payment using your prefered method and select 'Print Job'.
  4. Your print will release from the printer.
  5. Select 'Log Out' to finish your session.

Website Printing

  1. Go to:
  2. Click 'Select File' button.
  3. Choose your file and choose 'Open'. Your print job will appear below.
  4. Adjust the options below the print job. Make sure to select B&W or Color.
    1. Add additional files by clicking 'Select File' and following previous instructions.
  5. In User Info, enter your Library Card Number or Guest Name. Do not use any spaces. Select Submit.


Email Printing

B&W Printer:
Color Printer:

  1. Login to your email provider and select "New Email".
  2. In the "To" section, enter the email address of the appropriate printer shown above.
  3. Find and click the paperclip icon or "Attach a File". Choose your file and select Attach.
    Do NOT forward. Forwarding will NOT send your file.
  4. Once you receive a confirmation email, you can retrieve your print at the Self Service Kiosk.


Mobile App Printing

  1. In your device's App Store, search and download Public Print Locations app by ePRINTit.
  2. Install the app and read the terms of use agreement. Select 'I Agree'.
  3. Select your desired file access and allow the necessary permissions.
  4. Once you select your file, it will ask you to allow the Public Print app to access your location.
  5. Select allow click the 'Nearby' tab.
  6. Choose Pasco County Libraries and your desired branch.
  7. Adjust your print job settings.
  8. Once complete, enter your Library Card or Guest Name in User Information.
  9. Confirm the print location and select 'Print'.
  10. Proceed to the Self Service Kiosk of the selected library.