Hybrid Friends of the Pasco County Library Meeting

10:30am, December 15, 2021

WebEx/In person

  1. Roll Call
    Roz Fenton – Friends of Pasco County President
    Victoria Henley – Librarian I – Land O’Lakes
    Mary Beth Isaacson – Regional Branch Manager – Starkey Ranch Library
    Linda Buzzee – Friend – Land O’Lakes - President
    Gene Richard – Friend – Land O’Lakes
    Tom Cassidy – Friend – Land O’Lakes
    Elise Aiello – Librarian II – Outreach
    Khalil Abu Jamous – Audio Production Technician
    Rachel Longstaff – Friend – Land O’ Lakes – Secretary
    Angelo Liranzo – Regional Branch Manager - Hugh Embry/New River
    Danielle Lee – Branch Manager - New River
    Wendy Rutherford – Branch Manager - Hudson
    Bob Harrison – Library Marketing Manager
    Tracy Blimes – Regional Branch Manager – Regency Park
    Kathy Shelledy – Friends of Pasco County Library Treasurer
    Nancy Fredericks – Libraries Administrator
    Ginger Fredrickson – Friends – Land O’ Lakes
    Kimberly Nordon-Parks – Branch Manager – South Holiday
    Catherine Seavey – Branch Manager – Centennial Park
    Mary Kate Downing – Branch Manager – Regency Park
    Kathy Sears – Friend – Regency Park Library
    Becky Finley – Friend – New River - Secretary
    Kiersten Backus – Administrative Assistant
    Robert Speich – Librarian III – Systemwide Services
    Nola Branch – Friend – Hudson – President

  2. Approve/Review Minutes
    Motion to approve minutes from September 22, 2021 meeting by Ginger Fredrickson and second by Rachel Longstaff.

  3. Officer/Committee Report
    1. President Report
      Friends Cookbook will be available February 2022 for Love your Library Month.  Books will be available at each branch for $10.  Copies will be distributed to each branch for the individual Friends groups to sell as a fundraiser.  Roz Fenton shared an article that was featured in the Smithsonian Magazine.  The Library Journal featured the Starkey Ranch Library as a new building design and school partnership.  January 19th will be Library Day in Tallahassee.  This is an opportunity for members of the Library and supporters to meet with the Pasco County Delegation to promote the libraries and the importance of funding.  Anyone that is interested is encouraged to reach out Kierstenb@pascolibraries.org.  Regency Park has had Friends run an advocacy drive.  Friends sat in lobby and advocated for the Friends and solicited new members.  Groups are encouraged to host the same events on a routine basis.
    2. Vice President Report
      Nothing to report
    3. Treasurer Report
      Nancy Fredericks shared County Wide Friends financial report for January 2021- September 30, 2021.  Certified Public Accountant, Kathy Shelledy will be taking over finances as of October 1, 2021.

  4. Unfinished Business
    1. National Friends of the Library Week
      The Friends of the Library was recognized in a resolution at a Board of County Commissioner Meeting in October.

  5. New Business
    1. Elections
      President – Roz Fenton
      Vice President – Caroline Westerhof
      Treasurer – Kathy Shelledy, CPA
      Secretary – Kiersten Backus and Sandra Geiger

      Motion to approve elections by Ginger Fredrickson and second by Linda Buzzee, all in favor.
    2. Fidelity Donation – TurnToTheWonderful
      County Wide Friends of the Library received a $100 donation from Turn To The Wonderful.
    3. Pizza Hut Book It Donation
      A Land O’Lakes family entered a contest through Pizza Hut called Book It and won the award.  The Prize was a $5000 donation of books to an organization.  This donation will provide around 400 new titles to the Land O’Lakes collection.  County Wide Friends has accepted the donation.  Books that are received will have a name plate thanking the program and the family.
    4. Cultural Affairs Advisory Council
      Elise Aiello, Outreach Librarian has been working with the Nancy Fredericks to develop a Cultural Affairs Advisory Council.  The Advisory Council was presented individually to each of the County Commissioners.  The goals of this council would be to focus on the cultural affairs of the County via a website, providing grants, communication on what is happening culturally.  The council will include 5 members from around the community along with 3 county employee members.  If anyone is interested in becoming a member of the council an application will be available on the Advisory County Website.
    5. American Library Association Recent Statement on Censorship
      Reviewed censorship statement that was released by the American Library Association (ALA).  Statement was supplied to make all members aware of the topic and give some tools on how to answer questions if they should arise.
    6. Master Plan Status
      The County Government has approved funding for a Libraries Master Plan.  A Consultant will be hired to help develop this plan.  The idea of a Master Plan is to guide the future of the Library Department and help decide future facilities, population trends, funding, technology trends, partnerships, etc. Updates will be brought to future meetings. 

  6. Branch Reports
    1. Regency Park
      The Regency Park Library Friends recently hosted a successful holiday book sale.  Some in person programming has started back up again.  Storytime in the park has been very successful and will continue to be offered at the outdoor location.
    2. Hudson
      Hudson Library thanked Hudson Friends for Holiday meal that was provided to all staff.  Hudson Library continues to offer Saturday Sidewalk Story, Saturday Sidewalk Sale, and book club for adults.  The in person craft program has been restarted at the branch.  The Library launched a new passive program funded by the Friends of Hudson Library.  The program allows patrons to check out a sketch book for 3 weeks to put their work, in the end Hudson is hoping to have a book full of art from the community.
    3. Land O Lakes
      Land O Lakes friends have continued to assist the Library in offering programs at the Pasco County Recreation Center.  The remodel program is about 20% completed and seem to be ahead of schedule at this point.  Tentative reopening is Summer 2022.
    4. Hugh Embry/New River
      Hugh Embry Library Remodel is going as planned.  Tentative opening is Spring 2022.  Friends of Hugh Embry Library are very supportive of Little Free Libraries.  The Little Free Library Organization has awarded the Hugh Embry Library 2 new boxes, one in the Tommy Town Area and one in the Lachochee area.

      New River Library has completed the 1st four month turn of the community garden.  New germination period will start in February.  All 28 garden beds are already reserved for new gardeners.
    5. South Holiday/Centennial Park
      Centennial Park Library has begun hosting story time in person.  In January a weekly walking program will be offered.  In Early Spring the Centennial Park Library will host an open house to showcase the Loft Makerspace.

      South Holiday Library is still under renovation; staff is temporally located at the Centennial Park Library.  The South Holiday Friends are doing gift basket drives to help with funding during closure.

    6. Starkey Ranch TLC
      The Starkey Ranch Library is continuing to work with Pasco County Schools in the joint space.  The Theater hosted a Magnet Night School play and dance recital involving the 4th and 5th grade students.  The Library is working on a new Pop Up Library that will travel from place to place with library material such as, library cards, activities, and service information.  The Library will begin Friend recruitment in 2022, updates will be provided at a later date.  The Library and School dedication ceremony will take place February 16, 2022 at 6pm, all are encouraged to attend.
    7. Systemwide Services
      System Services is currently working on the mini opening day collections for the Land O’Lakes, South Holiday, and Hugh Embry Branches.  The reading software, Bean Stack, has launched a new reading challenge that is associated with NASA and space.  More information can be found on website.
    8. Marketing and Communications
      The Communications Team has hired a new full time Graphic Design team member, Rachael Reed.
  7. Announcements

    Next Meeting - Wednesday, March 16, 2022 10:30 a.m. – Location: Starkey Ranch Theatre Library Cultural Center: 12118 Lake Blanche Drive, Odessa, FL 33556.

  8. Adjourn
    Meeting was adjourned 11:40 a.m.