Hybrid Friends of the Pasco County Library Meeting

10:30am, March 23, 2022

WebEx/In person

  1. Roll Call

Roz Fenton – Friends of Pasco County President

Caroline Westerhof – Friends of Pasco County Vice President

Karen Allen – Librarian I – Land O’Lakes

Paula Wahl – Administrative Services Manager

Hasina Akhter – Librarian II – Virtual Services

Amanda Worden – Librarian I – Land O’Lakes

Rachel Longstaff – Friend – Land O’ Lakes – Secretary

Angelo Liranzo – Regional Branch Manager - Hugh Embry/New River

Danielle Lee – Branch Manager - New River

Tracy Blimes – Regional Branch Manager – Regency Park

Kathy Shelledy – Friends of Pasco County Library Treasurer

Nancy Fredericks – Libraries Administrator

Kaitlyn Hodge – Friends - Centennial Park Social Media

Ginger Fredrickson – Friends – Land O’ Lakes Treasurer

Gail Hannas – Friend – Land O’Lakes Vice President

Catherine Seavey – Branch Manager – Centennial Park

Mary Kate Downing – Branch Manager –Park

Becky Finley – Friend – New River - Secretary

Kiersten Backus – Administrative Assistant

Robert Speich – Librarian III – Systemwide Services 

Katrina Rash – Regional Branch Manager – Hudson/Centennial Park

Nola Branch – Friend – Hudson – President

Athena Cone – Friends - Hudson

Elayne – Friend – Centennial Park Library President

Glen Thompson – Friend – Hugh Embry Treasurer 


  1. Approve/Review Minutes

Motion to approve minutes from December 12, 2021 meeting by Ginger Fredrickson and second by Angelo Liranzo.


  1. Officer/Committee Report
    1. President Report

Roz discussed the success of the March 2022 Chopin Concert that took place at Starkey Ranch Library. This was the first in person concert since COVID and was a success. Cookbook sales are going well within the branches. Roz suggest that everyone use social media and word of mouth to promote the Friends groups and make people aware of what they do. Roz recommends carrying around the library brochure, events, and websites offered and present them to various groups around the County. Roz also offered her time to present at individual groups and make them aware of what the Friends and Libraries are doing. A reminder is sent out to all about PayPal donations and amazon smiles as an effective way to make donations to the organization. 


  1. Vice President Report

Nothing to report


  1. Treasurer Report

Kathy Shelledy reviewed quarterly Countywide Friends financials, October 2021 to date.

Current Bank Statement is roughly $17,000.00.


  1. Unfinished Business
    1. Master Plan Update

The master plan task order was approved by the board and planning with the consultants can begin.  The Master Plan will take about 12 months to process.  During the process the consultants will put together an Advisory Group to help shape the plan. There will also be listening sessions and surveys throughout the life of the project.  The end will result in a long term plan that guides the covers facilities, services, funding, staffing, and technology.


  1. Cultural Advisory Board Update

The Cultural Advisory Council will be going to the board in April.  This advisory group will consist of three liaisons from Libraries, Parks, and Tourism along with of 5 community members.  The goals of the board are to look at grant opportunities, awards program, and collaborate on cultural affairs.


  1. Statistics

Reviewed quick facts 1st quarter of library statistics.


  1. Remodel Schedule

Reviewed remodel schedule.


  1. New Business
    1. Increase the Amount of Friends Minigrant Application

Proposed increasing the amount of the County Wide Friends Minigrant application from $500 to $750.

Motion was accepted by Caroline Westerhof and 2nd by Rachel Longstaff


  1. Hasina Akhter – Website Redesign Presentation

Hasina Akhter give a presentation of the newly redesigned Pasco County Library Website. Lunch and Learns can be coordinated to learn more about the website.



  1. TBLC Online Workshop – Library Fundraising 101

Shared the link to the virtual workshop that is to help with fundraising. Friends can coordinate a Lunch and Learn or watch on their own time. Managers can help with registration.



  1. FLA Preconference

The Florida Library Association Annual Conference starts May 22nd. The preconference will feature information on Friends fundraising. Anyone that is interested in attending the preconference should reach out to Kiersten Backus. The County Friends will pay for any hotel accommodations for 1 night. Staff that is interested will be paid for by the County. Transportation will be provided by the County.



  1. Branch Reports
    1. Regency Park

The next Regency Park Friends meeting will be April 2, 2022. Remodel will officially begin in the Fall. The branch is gearing up for summer reading.


  1. Hudson

The Hudson Friends will have a Lobby Book Sale in May. The Friends are supporting Wellness Wednesday in collaboration with County Extension Office. The theme for March is healthy eating. An adult and teen Dungeon and Dragons program is taking place in the studio. Story time will start back in person.


  1. Land O Lakes

Land O Lakes has continued to provide several exercise courses at the Land O’Lakes Recreation Center and receiving good attendance. The Friends are looking forward to the branch remodel to be complete.


  1. Hugh Embry/New River

New River has begun to offer new exercise classes that are supported by the Friends.


Hugh Embry is excited that the remodel seems to be on schedule to reopen in time for summer reading. Glen Thompson reported that the Hugh Embry Friends are conducting their membership drive and receiving a good response even though the branch is closed. The portrait of Hugh Embry that was painted in 1944 has been restored and ready for unveiling when branch opens back up. Hugh Embry is adding 3 more Little Free Libraries.


  1. South Holiday/Centennial Park

South Holiday is getting ready to reopen in the summer.  The Branch Manager and Librarian have applied and received a grant for a Community Resources Fair. This Fair will be a monthly recurrence that offers crucial resources to the community.


Centennial Park is getting ready for an open house the features the makerspace. Demonstrations will be led by Friends and Staff. April 29, 2022 the Centennial Park Library will host the official Ribbon Cutting.


  1. Starkey Ranch TLC

The Starkey Ranch Library is working on theatre and art programming. In April there will be a Holocaust program that will feature 2 survivors.  All events are listed on the calendar of events.


  1. Systemwide Services

Systemwide Services is prepping for summer reading.


    1. Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Public Relation Team has launched a non-user survey that runs through April 30th. Amaris has spearheaded a Story Walk at the Starkey Library in collaboration with Parks. Jordan Miltner is working on another vehicle wrap for a van. The Graphic Designer Racheal Reed is working on the flyers and other material.


  1. Fiscal

The Library has submitted budget for the next fiscal year. The budget includes expenditures and capital projects. The capital projects include the Wesley Chapel Library and the scheduling of this project. Fiscal is also supporting summer reading and new products that we would like to add.


  1. Other

Paula discussed a marketing plan that helps promote the Friends and fundraising. Friends discuss the limited space and some input on how to utilize the space that they have been given during the remodel. The Friends are concerned that the lack of space for book sales will limit success. Land O Lakes has discussed promoting books in the local papers and purchasing carts that can display the books.  They also discussed hosting ongoing book sales alongside the 2 annual book sales. There is also a concern about having the donation boxes in the Lobby and the security with that.  The Friends are encouraged to discuss the location of this donation box so that it is secure and in sight of staff. Volunteers and teens are asked at New River and Hugh Embry to help out with the Friends book sales and management. Angelo, Regional Branch Manager has offered to chat offline with Centennial Park on space storage and book sales.


  1. Announcements
    1. New River Ribbon Cutting – Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 10am
    2. Centennial Park Library Ribbon Cutting – Friday, April 29, 2022 at 10am
    3. Next Meeting - Wednesday, June 15, 2022 10:30 a.m. – Location: Starkey Ranch Theatre Library Cultural Center: 12118 Lake Blanche Drive, Odessa, FL 33556.


  1. Adjourned at 11:45 a.m.